Design & Construction

The Sony SRS-X11 is one compact, mini speaker suit for people constantly on-the-go. Being only 61mm x 61mm x 61mm, throwing it in your backpack won’t take up much space.  Built with aluminium grilles on 3 of the sides which covers the drivers, it offers strong protection against bumps, knocks and maybe even drops. The top which houses all buttons: In Order (Left - Right): On-Off Switch, Call, Vol -, and Vol + has a silicon surface with the Sony logo and NFC for easy pairing. The silicon surface is scratch & fingerprint free as well. Underneath, it has some info including 4 LED indicators which indicates different modes of usage—Bluetooth, Left Right and Charge. It also comes with a silicon strap which makes it easy to carry. At the back, it has a add button, reset, audio in port and Micro USB port for charging.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is extremely unexpected. At 75% volume, it can fill a small room. The bass response is fantastic. Highs sound bright and mids do very well. It does not distort even at full volume. However, it does not form a 2.0 channel well. Another SRS-X11 will help though. The  add button will link both speakers together wirelesly. One will work as the left channel and the other, the right channel.  There is one driver which delivers the highs & mids, while the dual passive radiators on both sides delivers the bass.


Connectivity & Portability

Offering Bluetooth Ver 3.0 and NFC, it pairs up quickly with your phones. Of course, it also offers an audio In port for wired usage. Its battery life peaks at 12 hrs, being one of the most longest-lasting mini speakers in the market. However, it does not shows us the battery status until it is low on battery. The orange LED on the back of the speaker will show that and it may be pretty hard to notice at times. The sound quality unfortunately drops as the speakers goes low on battery.



  • Durable Construction

  • Great Sound

  • Bluetooth & NFC Enabled

  • Modern Design

  • 2 Way Usage (Bluetooth & Audio In)

  • A range Of Colours

  • Wireless Stereo Or Double mode *Requires 2 SRS-X11


  • Sound Quality Drops When Battery Is Low

  • Not Splash Or Waterproof

  • No Baffle Tilt For More Directed Sound

  • More Expensive Than Other Speakers Of Similar Class

The Bottom Line

The Sony SRS-X11 is the best choice of mini speakers on the market. Housing a 12 hrs battery, Bluetooth & NFC, fantastic design and sound. It is one speaker that should be considered.  A pair will offer better sound, of course! A range of colours also suit every type and gender of users.



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