DΛRΛDISER ® has 9 years of audio experience and 6 years of photographic experience till date. With his accumulated knowledge, he strives to create product reviews in a fair and unbias manner.



DΛRΛDISER CHOICE ® awards the best audio products of different categories yearly without any vested interest towards any brand. This is done in a comprehensive way by first comparing 2 or more similar products with their specifications on paper and also DΛRΛDISER's experience with all the products themselves. A final conclusion will be derived from there and the best of the category will emerge as the winner.


About Our Reviews

DΛRΛDISER ® has done multiple reviews of products to help consumers make a wise purchase on the most suitable products based on their needs. All product reviews are done fairly based on user experience and are not biased towards any brand. All photos and videos used in product reviews are solely properties of their own companies, DΛRΛDISER ® do not own any of them.


About Our Video Reviews

From 2019, DΛRΛDISER ® now offers visual video reviews of products to help consumers make a wise purchase decision through honest user experiences. All videos are uploaded on Youtube.

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