Design & Construction

The Sony NWZ-B183F is 4GB MP3 player made for those who wants to enjoy music on-the-go. This player weighs 30g and has a small dimension of 8.45cm x 2.22cm x 1.34 cm. It houses the Play/Pause button beside the display and forward/backword buttons just before the cover. On the top (Left to Right) there are the reset, Vol -, Vol + and back to home buttons. At the back, there is a push button: Hold for the locking of the device to prevent the pressing of any buttons when undesired. Open the cover on the right with the Walkman logo to access the USB. Users can adjust the settings of common, music and FM radio. Common settings include: AVLS (Volume Limit), Beep, Screen Off Timer and Brightness. Change of language is also possible.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is similar to a Xperia smartphone, it has an equalizer with presets like heavy, pop, jazz, unique and custom. If you're are a bass lover, there is a bass boost function but when bass boost is turned on, the equalizer will be turned off. There are 2 ways to play your music: shuffle, and repeat. There is no distortion of sound when used with in-ears, headphones and speakers but when connected to the 3.5mm port of a wall-power desktop speaker, there is a sizzling sound so users are advised not use this together with desktop speakers. The FM radio feature is also a great feature if users prefer to listen to the radio instead. Users can do a FM Radio recording as well.

Connectivity & Portability

The MP3 player does not have Bluetooth capabilities and connects via a 3.5mm port. The battery peaks at 23 hours of playback so users do not need to charge it often. The player offers quick charge in which 3 minutes of charge time will have 90 minutes of playback. The in-ear headphone coupled together with the MP3 player is open-air, dynamic. Users should opted for better headphones or in-ears in another purchase.


  • Direct-USB connection

  • No Distortion Even At High Volume Levels

  • Bass Boost

  • Built-in Radio 

  • Long Battery Life

  • Small Size

  • Quick Charge

  • Light-weight

  • A Range Of Colours


  • Dents And Scratches Easily

  • Not Bluetooth Enabled


The Bottom Line

The Sony NWZ-B183F is a inexpensive MP3 player which has 4GB storage, a super long-lasting 23 hrs battery, fantastic compact design and great sound with totally no distortion on most audio equipment. It is a fantastic choice for those who want a small music player to listen on-the-go. A range of colours also suit every type and gender of users.



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