SONY h.ear in

Design & Construction

The h.ear line are the new addition to Sony’s personal audio line. It focuses on style and audio quality giving it users the perfect way to enjoy the best of both world without sacrificing any of them. The h.ear in is the most basic of all. Having a range of colours, Sony is starting to target consumers of the mass population. The h.ear in feels durable but is prone to scratches. The scratches, however can be easily wiped off with your fingers. Rough users should not go for this in-ear as it may permenantly damage the in-ears.

Sound Quality

Being part of Sony’s Hi-Res Audio series, it offers 9mm Hi-Res Audio sensitive drivers which generates great music. The highs and mids are very bright and the lows hit deep. The beat response control underside each earphones gives the tight bass response as well. The h.ear in cable, unlike conventional in-ear, are known to be L/R separated ground cables which cuts the interference between left & right sounds. The silver-coated OFC cable material also helps to reduce transmission signal loss, while high-rigidity aluminum housing suppresses the vibrations that cause unwanted noise and distortion, giving a smooth audio quality for music. Sony Hi-Res Audio capabilities have proven us that it is worth investing.


Connectivity & Portability

It connects via a 3.5mm audio jack and is supposed to be used with Sony Xperia phones or Walkman equipped with Hi-Res Audio capabilities for the best listening experience but even without a Hi-Res Audio phone or MP3 player the audio experience is just as great. It comes with a carry bag which helps to protect it from unwanted drops or scratches.



  • Stylish, Modern Design

  • A Range Of Colours

  • Premium Audio Components

  • Bright Sound Signature

  • Carry Bag



  • Not Durable

  • Scratch-prone


The Bottom Line

The h.ear in is a portable in-ear headphone that is worth buying. For its price tag, it is reasonable enough. The audio components are of top quality and having a range of colours allow you to express yourself. Wearing it during your daily commute will attract people’s eyes and stand out from the crowd.



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