Design & Construction

What happens if you strip the excess of the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Wireless, you get the Sennheiser Momentum Free. Gone is the stiff neckband, you now get the signature black and red wire that can be shortened to fit. On the left side of the neckband there is the (Top-Bottom): the Vol + button, the Multi-function button, Vol - button and the LED status indicator. The Multi-function button will allow users to power on/off the device and skip forward/back with a double press and triple press. A single press will allow for answering/ending a call or play/pause. The left side inline remote bears the Sennheiser logo while the right bears the 'SENNHEISER' words. Pressing once on the power button allows users to check the battery life of the device when no audio is playing. The Micro-USB port lies on the left inline remote under a flap. I tested the mic on these to take calls and it proves to work well. The caller on the other end didn't know I had used the mic on these to communicate. There are also different size of buds for one to find the best fit. When having the earbuds around your neck, you won't notice that due to its light weight. Having a range of colours will allow consumers to express themselves, but sadly, Sennheiser only sell these in matte black with red accents. This doesn't give consumers of the mass population a chance to express themselves. The earbuds themselves bear the Sennheiser logo in chrome while the wires are black and red in colour. Finally, there is a magnetic buds feature to keep the buds neat on your body when you are not using them. 

Sound Quality

If you love a bright sound signature with punchy bass, then look no further. From my personal experience, the stainless steel acoustic tunnels do a great job in reproducing the mids and highs clearly. The bass is boomy and gives a satisfying thump in your ear. Tracks of all genres ranging from the heavy bass ones to those with lots of instruments or vocals perform fantastic. The product definitely lives up to its renowned Momentum name.

Connectivity & Portability

The Momentum Free connects via Bluetooth Ver 4.2 and fitted with AptX LL/AptX Audio Codec; meant for providing clearer wireless transmission for music and video playback. However, NFC is left out but Bluetooth pairing is still simple and quick. It comes with a round hard carrying case which helps to protect it from unwanted scratches and drops. Its battery life peaks at a maximum of 6 hours and does not offer fast charge.



  • Stylish, Compact Design

  • Durable Construction

  • Bright Sound Signature

  • Open Soundstage & Separation

  • Hard Carrying Case

  • Light-Weight

  • Covered Micro-USB Port

  • Magnetic Earbuds


  • Not Water-Resistant

  • Short Battery Life

  • Only One Colour Available

The Bottom Line

The Sennheiser Momentum Free is a stylish and modern-looking in-ear headphone. For its expensive price tag, you are getting bright and balanced sound signature in its most compact form. The in-ears proved to be a great daily driver for commutes. It is worth considering if you are looking to purchase a grab-and-go audio companion.



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