Design & Build Quality

This is the Secretlab Omega 2o2o in the PRIME 2.0 PU Leather variant. Secretlab has been one of the pioneers in the ergonomic gaming chair industry and with the 2020 update to their full series of offerings, they are still the top choice to choose from. ​Starting off with the design, the 2020 Series looks very similar to the 2018 version of the Omega. From the top, there is your distinct Secretlab logo sewn onto the headrest where you can fit the included headrest cushion on. Moving down, there is now a 2020 label added to the right-wing of the chair. The sides retain the suede linings on both sides that remain unchanged from the 2018 version. There are red seams on some of the color variants that add a special sporty element but the black version I have here features the regular black seam. In the middle, your Omega logo remains blacked out on my version. Now at the pivots of the reclining backrest, the new version now has a more rounded off design aesthetic which was slightly more pleasing than the old odd shaped triangle on the old version. Instead of the standard screws to attach the side plates, Secretlab now simplifies the experience with magnetic covers. On the right, you will find the lever that allows you to change the backrest position from 85 degrees to 165 degrees full recliner mode. When it is fully reclined, you can lay down and take a nap on it or simply relax for a short while. However, I would advise that you keep your legs straight or hanging off the chair since I did manage to topple the 2020 Series once when I folded my legs inwards. On the 2018 version, I did not have any toppling issues even if I did that. The armrests are now built with much more premium materials like metal compared to the plastic of the 2018 version and I have to say I am very happy for the upgrade. Now, the button to push the armrest foward and backward is flushed against the rest of the armrest itself so you wouldn't have your legs getting pressed against the buttons. Similarly, you can move the concaved armrest in all 4 directions and even push it outwards to create more space for cross-legged sitting. Next, the seatbase itself is also a Prime 2.0 PU leather cold-cured foam mix that is engineered to be 4 times more durable than regular PU leather. And I have to say it is true to its claims. It has a while since I own the chair and it seems to hold up fine without any peeling from small accidents as of yet. Onto the multi-tilt mechanism, it is essentially the heaviest part of the chair but it comes fully assembled so you just help to screw it onto the rest of the components. Now, you will find 2 levers, the one on the left is to help lock the chair at various fixed positions so it will stay in place while th one on the irght helps to adjust the height of the seat. There is also a class 4 hydralics and a aluminium wheelbase that you attach it to and it is certainly of top quality when compared to competitors who only use plastic as a their wheelbase material. Lastly, the XL PU Caster Wheel are floor-friendly and won;t damage delicate floorings. There are also accessories that are included with the chair too like the headrest cushion with memory foam that feels soft and comfortable to lean your head on, as well as lumbar support that is crucial to achieve an upright optimal sitting position.

User Experience & Comfort

In terms of comfort, the Omega 2020 is the best ergonomic gaming chair that I have tested. My height and weight was in the range of the Omega series and it seems to fit my body frame like a glove. I enjoyed the multi-tilt adjustability to cater for different times of the day from working for long hours to even taking a short nap. It is certainly possible to take a nap but I wouldn't advise that you can sleep for long hours on it. For my use case, the longest time I could peacefully take a nap on it is around 1 hour before waking up. For breathability, the PRIME 2.0 PU Leather isn't the best and the seat tends to warm up pretty quickly after an hour of sitting. Most of the time, you would have to get up to air the seat to avoid trapping heat. However, the leather is slightly resistant to accidental water spills which buys you some time to clean up the mess when a spill happen and it would not likely leave a stain. All the moving parts of the Omega is now made with high quality materials and so far it is doing really well in day-to-day use. If you wish to tighten the screws after some time of use, it is also really easy. You simply need to remove the magnetic covers of the sides of the backrest and do so. Fast and efficient. Lastly, Secretlab also offers a 5 year warranty on its chair as well as additional 2 years when you post a picture of it on social media platforms.


  • Durable Construction

  • Excellent Build Quality & Materials

  • Memory Foam Cushions

  • PRIME 2.0 PU Leather

  • ADC12 Aluminium Wheelbase

  • Cold-Cured Foam

  • Full-Metal 4D Armrests

  • Backrest Recline

  • Multi-tilt Mechanism

  • Class 4 Hydraulics

  • XL PU Caster wheels

  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Lack of Personalisation Services

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Secretlab Omega 2020 is a premium and comfortable gaming chair that not just serve gamers who game for long hours, it is also a great office chair that excludes a sense of luxury to any room or office space. With new and improved materials as well as sleek design, the Omega 202o stays on top of the pack when it comes to recommending a great ergonomic chair.



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