Design & Construction

The Rode Wireless Go is the one-of-a-kind mini camera microphone solution for run-and-gun shooting needs. With its tiny build and affordable price, is the Wireless Go the ultimate answer vlogger are looking for? Let's find out now. The Wireless Go consists of two units; one microphone/transmitter (TX) and one receiver (RX). They both weigh 31g each. The TX works as a clip-on microphone or as beltpack for a lavalier microphone. On the transmitter itself, you will find a button at the bottom to power on and pair the receiver, a USB-C port for charging on the right and the microphone at the top. Rode included two fur windshields in the package for you to attach them to the microphone opening for outdoor use cases where there may be wind noises to affect the sound.  On the top left, you will also find 2 LED indicators to help show the pairing status and remaining battery life and a 3.5mm TRS lavalier microphone input on the right side to take a lavalier mic like the Rode SmartLav. On the receiver itself, you will find the power and pairing button at the top. On the left side, the USB C port for charging and 3.5mm TRS port for transferring audio to the camera itself. At the bottom, there are 2 buttons, one labelled 'db' to change the 3-stage gain control and the other to initial pairing. On the face of the receiver, you will find a screen displaying all the relevant information like the battery life of both the transmitter and receiver on the top. the volume level of incoming sound in the middle, the gain level on the bottom left and the connectivity status on the bottom right. On both units, there is a clip that help attach the receiver and transmitter on the camera and the talent respectively. The clip on the recveiver is posited the opposite way because it is designed to fit exactly into the hot shoe mount on your camera. In fact, the transmitter also has a same dimension clip so you can also attach it to a cold shoe mount should the need arises. 

Sound Quality 

The Wireless Go uses a pre-polarised pressure transducer to take in sound and has a omnidirectional polar pattern. With a frequency response from 50Hz to 20KHz, it will be great for most normal use cases, just don't expect it to perform like those professional microphones. At the maximum output level, it provides up to +3dBu so you can be assure that the voice coming through is never too soft. In my use, I found it to be the best at middle gain although some users may prefer a less hot signal. Depending on your camera model, you will find the gain control a very convenient feature to have. Overall, my voice comes off a clean, crisp and clear without any lag or distortion.

Connectivity & Portability

The system automatically pairs in 3 seconds and transmits via RØDE’s all-new Series III digital 2.4GHz transmission that is optimised for short range operation in dense RF and Wi-Fi environments and offers a line-of-sight range of up to 70m. Testing it out in a busy city street for shoots, I faced no connectivity issues whatsoever. The battery of both units last for up to 7 hours and charge up fairly quickly. There is a soft black carrying pouch included in the package which users can use to store the units and cable, 2 USB-A to USB-C cables for charging and the SC2 cable.


  • Portable, Tiny Build

  • Long Battery Life

  • Easy-To-Use Hardware Controls

  • Great UI layout

  • Top-notch Connectivity

  • USB Type-C Charging

  • Carry Pouch


  • Scratch-prone

  • Not Water-resistant

The Bottom Line

The Rode Wireless Go is affordable and easy-to-use microphone system that you should consider adding to your camera kit. Whether you are an social media influencer or just a video enthusiast, the Wireless Go offers features that benefit various users and opens up more creative opportunites to your videography. With its long battery life and mini size, it is something videographers of all levels can easily grasp the concept of.



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