Design & Construction

The Powerbeats Pro is the successor to the Powerbeats 3, Beats only wireless in-ear headphones for sports use. For controls of the earbuds, Beats offered playback controls on both of the earbuds. A single press on the Beats logo to play/pause and answer phone calls, a double press to skip forward and a triple press to skip backwards. A long press when a call comes in, a long press on the Beats logo will reject it. On the top of the earbuds, you will find the volume buttons to control the volume. It takes about 2 hours to charge both the case with the earbuds. The earbuds also come with different size silicone ear tips to ensure a tight seal and secure fit. As a sports earbud, the Powerbeats Pro boasts splash-resistance for those intense sweaty workouts, giving users the ultimate peace of mind. The earbuds also do a great job at resisting fingerprints smudges. Moving on to the case, it is rounded and fits right in my palm of my hands. It is really huge and bulky to be pocketable. The earbuds docked in fairly easily and will not fall out when the case is flipped since there are magnets inside to keep them secure. At the rear, you will find the Lightning port for charging the earbuds and in the front, there is a single LED charge indicator. Upon opening the case, there is a button to enable Bluetooth pairing in case the earbuds do not automatically do so.

Sound Quality

As with all sport-focused in-ear headphones. bias on a bass-boosted sound signature is expected out-of-the-box. During my time testing, the drivers do a great job in reproducing the mids and highs clearly. The bass is strong and boomy but was kept tight and punchy to prevent it from bleeding into other frequencies. If you are not so much of an EDM or Hip-Hop fan, I am glad to report that the Powerbeats Pro works perfectly with all other genres ranging from Pop to Jazz after you fiddle with your phone's equaliser Soundstage and instrument separation wise, the drivers do a decent job of distinguishing the left and right channels and keep a clean sound throughout.

Connectivity & Portability

The earbuds support the basic AAC codecs together with Class 1 Bluetooth and Apple's latest H1 chip. The earbuds also automatically power on/off when docked and taken out from the case. It is also worth noting that the earbuds can run for 1.5 hours with just a 5 minute charge. The battery life peaks at 9 hours per use and 24 additional hours from the case. The package also comes with a USB-A to Lightning cable for charging, a downside since USB Type-C has been appearing on almost every new product. If you try to watch videos or movies with these, they do not have any latency in transmission.


  • Durable Construction

  • Ergonomic & Stable Fit

  • Long Battery Life​

  • Quick Charging

  • Always On Siri Smart Assistance

  • Controls For Music Play & Calls

  • Low Profile

  • Dust & Water Resistant

  • A Range of Colours


  • Bulky Case

  • Lightning Charging

The Bottom Line

The Powerbeats Pro is definitely the go-to choice for all sportsmen. With a long battery life of 9 hours per use, water-resistance and ergonomic fit, it is all one could ask for in investing in getting their very own sports true-wireless earbuds. Four colours are offered for this model to fit users of different genders; Black, Ivory, Moss & Navy. More colours might be released in the near future if Beats decides to do so.



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