Design & User Interface

The Philips Series 800 Air Purifier is a well-designed air purifier that outputs superior clean air. The single touchpad cycles through different modes of Auto, Sleep and Turbo. With a 4-step real-time Air Quality coloured ring ranging from blue (good) to red (poor) to display the current air condition. The device claims that it can clean a room of 20 m² in under 16 minutes which I found to be accurate and true. In sleep mode, the display lights are dimmed, and the purifier operates silently so as not to disturb your sleep with a noise level as low as 35db. At the back, there is a switch to turn on or off the device alongside a removable plug for the power. The plug head is small and has a 1.6m long cable so the device can be of some distance away from an available socket. The design of the air purifier blends well into various home interiors and complements the rest of the furniture, making it a great addition to have. It is suitable for a room size of up to 49 m². However, the device does not have any sort of rubber pads on its base which makes it quite slippery on surfaces of furniture it is placed on. I would suggest adding on some rubber feet to the base on your own if you have pets or children around the house who might accidentally bump and knock over the device since it is actually very lightweight at 2.4 kg. 

Air Quality & Filters Replacements

The purifier boasts VitaShield and AeraSense technology with its filter to remove 99.5% nano-sized particles that are as small as 0.003um. On replacement of the FY0194 filter, the process is really simple and clean. Simply flip the device upside down and twist the base open. Then using the flap to pull out the old filter and dump it before doing the same with the new filter. A process that can be done in seconds. No mess and free from sneezes so that even those with allergies can do so. It is not possible to check the filter life of the filter, but when the lifespan is almost up, an icon will appear on the top of the touchpad to indicate so. 


  • Minimalistic Design

  • VitaShield & AeraSense Technology

  • Superior Clean Air 

  • Easy Filter Changes

  • Beautiful LED Coloured Ring

  • Simple & Straightforward Experience 


  • Lack of Rubber Pads at the Base

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Philips Series 800 Air Purifier is a simple and hassle-free air purifier that cleans the air of any room it is put in. Its design is clean and minimalist complementing any home interior. It offers a 2-year global warranty and has high energy efficiency.



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