Design & User Interface

A humidifier should be simple and ready to use out of the box and that is what's great about the Osim uMist Dream Humidifier. So you may ask? Why do I need a humidifier? Well, the simple purpose of a humidifier is to help adds moisture to the air to protect your skin, eyes, throat and nasal passages in dry, air-conditioned rooms. Now that we know what it is its use, let's dive straight into the design. Featuring a rounded aesthetics and a blue-silver colour scheme, the humidifier makes it a great addition to any home interior be it standing out or blending in. The single power button at the front cycles through different modes of Power on, Power on with night ambient lights and Power off. The water tank claims to hold enough water capacity for 8 hours of continuous use and I found it to be true. When I have the humidifier on, I prefer to have the night light on all the time even though it may be in a brightly lit room since it looks much more aesthetics and gives off the zen vibe and ambience to compliment the room. Yes, it will serve the best results at night in a dark room but if you noticed, there is an also on blue LED indicator light and that quite frankly can be very disturbing. It is the bright LED indicator I have seen in a long time, and it will probably distract you while you sleep especially if you have the humidifier on a bedside table beside you and facing you. Sure you can easily fix this problem by facing the device away or even tape up the LED but for bedtime use, blue LED is definitely not the way to go. All is not that bad when it comes to operational noise as the humidifier operates silently so as not to disturb your sleep. At the back, there is a removable barrel plug for the power. The plug head is small and has a pretty long cable so the device can be of some distance away from an available socket. On the bottom, the device has 3 rubber pads to keep the device from moving about when accidentally knocked over since it only weighs under 1kg. On the top, there is a rotatable nozzle that allows you to direct the mist flow towards a the direction that you desire.

Performance & Quality

The purifier boasts Ultrasonic sound wave energy to very quickly break up water into extremely fine mist and it literally works immediately after you pressed the power button. As mentioned, the uMist Dream Humidifier is good for use for up to 8 hours and if you managed to empty the full tank without noticing, the blue LED indicator will start blinking red-blue when the water level is low and eventually cut off the power when it is fully used up. For adding of water, simply lift the top half of the circle and twist the water tank cap open before putting in the new water. Do remember to also dispose of the water at the bottom half. After refilling the water tank till the brim, you may align the two halves together and plug in the power for use again.  A process that can be done in seconds. 


  • Modern Design

  • Ultrasonic Technology

  • Superior Clean Air 

  • Easy Refillable Process

  • Simple & Straightforward User Experience 


  • Uncontrolled bright LED indicator

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Osim uMist Dream Humidifier is a simple and hassle-free humidifier that hydrates the air of any room it is put in. Its design is clean and minimalist complementing any home interior.



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