Design & Build Quality

Logitech has for the most part been dominating the market since the creation of the MX Master series many years back. Now, alongside the MX Master 3, they launched a new keyboard to match, the MX Keys. With so many years of R&D, Logitech pretty much perfected the mouse. Let's dive straight into the design. From the top, we first see a similar design to the Craft but it drops the top left corner knob for a slim and seamless design. The keys are flat but tactile with a rather quiet typing experience. Built from a single piece of steel plate, the keyboard is sturdy and would survive a tough commute in your backpack with ease.  There is also backlighting that can be customised to be brighter or dimmer depending on your needs and proximity sensors that sense when your hands are ready to type to light up the keyboard and dim it totally when not in use to help conserve battery life and reduce annoyance when working in a fully dark room. At the top right, there is an on/off switch, a USB-C port for recharging and wired use and a LED status indicator. The keyboard is slightly angled to create an ergonomic typing experience while keeping a low profile which I appreciate and you add on an MX Palm Rest to take ergonomics to the next level though I would think that the palm rest is somewhat of an afterthought on Logitech's part but nevertheless something is better than nothing and the palm rest certainly help alleviate some typing pain from a rather low-profile flat keyboard. It is worth noting that the keys are spherically shaped to the contours of your fingers to give you a slightly smoother and fluid typing experience when I tried it against a regular keyboard with flat switches. The travel is a decent size but definitely nowhere as satisfying or noisy as typing on a mechanical keyboard.


Moving on to performance, the MX Master 3 is compatible with the Logitech Options app available for download on Mac, Windows, and Linux via Logitech's website. With the app, you can take full advantage and customize the top Fn buttons and some others you desire. There is a list of controls to choose from for every button. You can also use DuoLink if you have an MX Master 3 to unlocks yet another set of features with the press of an Fn button on the keyboard. Next, you can add up to 3 devices and switch between them seamlessly.

Connectivity & Portability

In terms of connectivity, the MX Keys supports the latest Bluetooth Low Energy and can be connected to various types of devices using various methods. From the standard Bluetooth connection to the USB Receiver to a wired option, you will find one user to your needs. For me personally, I use Bluetooth since I use it with my MacBook Pro 16 Inch that doesn't have a USB-A port and Bluetooth works seamlessly too. There is also a Mac version of the MX Keys that trades off the USB-A to USB-C cable and USB Receiver for a USB-C to USB-C cable. The battery life claimed t0 last around 10 days with backlighting on and up to 5 months without backlighting and I personally averaged around a month of battery power for my use. You can recharge the keyboard via the USB-C port at the top right corner.


  • Durable Construction

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Excellent Build Quality & Materials

  • MX Series Compatibility

  • DuoLink

  • EasySwitch

  • Button Customisation 

  • Consistent Stable Updates

  • USB-C Charging

  • Multiple Usage Options


  • Few Colour Options

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Logitech MX Keys is a very professional and ergonomic keyboard that feature a plethora of features to satisfy all types of users from designers to developers. With compatibility across all OS and customisation of controls, the MX Keys compliements the MX Master 3 nicely when used together. The MX Keys comes in both a standard version for Windows and Mac and a Mac variant that follows Apple's Mac colour scheme and USB-C cable for charging.



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