Design & Construction

Speakers are boring boxes and cylinders. Not until now, the JBL Pulse 3 is here to excite. The newly announced JBL Pulse 3 is replaces the old Pulse 2. Taking the same design cues as its predecessor, the speaker measures approximately 223mm x 92mm x 92mm and weighs 800g. Glass-like clear plastic surrounds the top of the speaker with duarable fabric material at the bottom of the speaker covereing the drivers. It is a relief to know that the speaker is IPX7 rated for waterproofing and does float when dropped into the water. On the very top and bottom of the speakers are the 2 exposed bass radiators. All the controls are at the bottom rear of the speaker. There is (From Top-Bottom): the 5 LED indicators for battery life, the Bluetooth Pairing button, the JBL Connect+ button, the Volume button, the Lightshow button and the Play/Pause button. The Play/Pause button can be used to bring up Google Assistant via the JBL Connect App, available for download via the App & Play Store. Under the flap, you will find the 3,5mm Input and the Micro-USB port. Customisaion of lighs is also possible via the app which houses a colour scanner. Users can take a photo of their desired colour in their surrounding environment or items and the speaker immediately flashes lights of that colour. The accuracy of colour is not 100% accurate but its is about 90% real. Users may also choose from presets like Rainbow, Fire, Wave, Jet, Rave, Equalizer or even make their own to match the lights to the specific music genre they are listening to. Of course, colour customisation of the presets are also available.

Sound Quality

The sound reproduction of the SRS-XB40 is what you can expect from a large-sized speaker. At 55% volume, it can fill a mid-sized room. The bass response is neutral and not emphasized. Highs sound bright but are not too sharp to listen to. Mids have clarity but small details do get drown out a bit. Overall, the soundstage is quite shallow and tunes don't have much depth to them. Adding other speakers like the Flip 4, another Pulse 3 or othere newer JBL speakers with the JBL Connect+ feature is possible by tapping the JBL Connect+ button on each speaker. At one time, 100 speakers may be connect together to create louder sound. Call quality is average, the caller on the other end managed to hear me but said that the background noises were rather prominent, hence I need to raise my voice slightly or move closer to the speakerphone to make a call. 

Connectivity & Portability

Bluetooth Ver 4.2 is offered with a 3,5mm input for wired usage. Its battery life peaks at a maximum of 12 hours with the lights off. The speaker does charge with a standard Micro-USB cable. 


  • Loud, Boomy Sound

  • Modern Design

  • Dual Colour Choices

  • Wireless Party Chain

  • Long Battery Life

  • 360° Sound

  • Customisable LED Lights


  • Not Dust-proof

  • Fragile Plastic Material Used For Lightshow

The Bottom Line

The JBL Pulse 3 is an ideal speaker if you are looking for a speaker that is both beautiful and life-proof. With an enjoyable sound signature and a extraordinary lightshow, it is a great addition to your desk. Two colour choices will also suit every type and gender of users.



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