Design & Construction

If you ever wished for a larger JBL Xtreme, you got your answer this year. JBL launched their biggest ever portable speakers. The speaker measures 254.5 x 495 x 195.5mm and weighs an hefty 5.25 kg. Durable fabric material surround the whole speaker with plastics at the sides and bottom of the speaker It is great to know that the speaker is IPX7 Waterproof. It also comes with in-built handles on the top which makes it easy to carry around. On the side, there is oversized bass radiators that are strong enough to handle tough usage. The Boombox can be laid horizontally or vertically depending on your liking. All the controls are at the top of the speaker. There is (From Left-Right); the Bluetooth button, the Vol - button, the power button, the JBL Connect+ button, the Vol+ button and the Play/Pause button, At the bottom, there are 5 LEDs to indicate the speaker's remaining battery life. While at the rear, there is another button to change the mode of playback to indoor mode or outdoor mode. Under the flap, there is (From Left-Right): the 3.5mm input, 2 USB charge out ports, a Micro-USB port for service only and a power input port.

Sound Quality

The sound reproduction of the Boombox is what you can expect from a speaker this size. One thing for sure, it pumps out tunes really loud without distortion. At 25% volume, it can fill a medium-sized room. The bass response is slightly better in indoor mode. You will literally feel the furniture around it vibrating to the bass. It hits deep and much more than its competitors. Highs sound bright and are not too sharp to listen to. Mids and instruments have clarity and depth. Unfortunately, this model distorts the bass slightly at maximum volume and the music sounds slightly shallow across frequencies. In Outdoor mode, the bass isn't as pronounced but the midrange and treble is significantly brighter. Adding up to 100 speakers like the JBL Charge 3, JBL Pulse 3, JBL Flip 4 or another Boombox is also possible if you need louder sound. However, do note that only JBL speakers with the JBL Connect+ feature are compatible, hence the JBL Xtreme is not compatible to be party chained. Using the app to pair the speaker with others was a breeze, alternatively you may just tap the JBL Connect + button to pair all the speakers quickly. Call quality is average, the caller on the other end managed to hear me but said that the background noises were rather prominent, hence I need to raise my voice slightly or move closer to the speakerphone to make a call. 

Connectivity & Portability

Bluetooth Ver 4.2 and a 3.5mm audio-in port is offered for wired usage. Its battery life peaks at a maximum of 24 hours. The speaker does charge with a specfic cord so might want to remember to bring it if you are going to your friend's house for an overnight party. Overall, the app experience is perfect after you managed to connect it to the speaker for the first time.


  • Durable Construction

  • IPX7 Waterproof

  • Long Battery Life

  • Loud, Boomy Sound

  • Wireless Party Chain

  • 2 USB Charge Out

  • Carrying Handle

  • Indoor/Outdoor Modes

  • Dual Colours Choices *(UPDATED)


  • Not Dustproof

  • No 360° Sound

The Bottom Line

The JBL BOOMBOX is a contender if you are looking to get a louder and bassier speaker for your next pool party. With a bright sound signature and a tough construction. it will live up to your expectations. Dual colours of black and green will also suit every type and gender of users.*(UPDATED)



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