Design & Construction

Jaybird Tarah is the younger brother to the X4 and Tarah Pro. On the right side of the neckband, there is the (Top-Bottom): the Vol + button, the Multi-function button, Vol - button and the LED status indicator. The Multi-function button will allow users to power on/off the device and play/pause or answer/end calls. Holding the vol+ button skips forward and Vol- to skip back a track. On the back of the inline control is the charging connector pins. To charge the Tarah, Jaybird includes the dock which leads to a USB-A port. I also tested the mic on these to take calls and it proves to work well. The caller on the other end didn't know I had used the mic on these to communicate. There are also different size of integrated ear-fins and buds for you to find the best fit. When having the earbuds around your neck, you won't notice that due to its light weight. The earbuds themselves bear the Jaybird logo, There are two colours users can choose from; black, blue or white. There isn't a magnetic buds feature to keep the buds neat on your body when you are not using them. Fortunately, there is a speed cinch to keep excess wires away when exercising and help the buds stay in place for those intensive workouts. There are also two ways to wear the buds, either over or under-ears. The Tarah is also IPX7 certified for full waterproof protection but users should never attempt to swim or shower with them as they were not intended for that purpose. 


Sound Quality

As with all sport-focused in-ear headphones. bias on a bass-boosted sound signature is expected out-of-the-box. During my time testing, the drivers do a great job in reproducing the mids and highs clearly. The bass is strong but was kept tight and punchy to prevent it from bleeding into other frequencies. If you are not so much of an EDM or Hip-Hop fan, I am glad to report that the Tarah works perfectly with all other genres ranging from Pop to Jazz after you fiddle with the customisable sound settings in the Jaybird App available for download from the App & Play Store. Soundstage and instrument separation wise, the drivers do a decent job of distinguishing the left and right channels.

Connectivity & Portability

It connects via Bluetooth Ver 5.0 and fitted with the standard SBC and AAC codecs. NFC is missing but Bluetooth pairing is dead simple. It comes with a soft carrying pouch which helps to protect it from unwanted scratches and drops. Its battery life rates at a maximum of 6 hours and manages to charge up fully in 2 hours. Quick charging also enables an hour of playback with 10 minutes of charging.


  • Stylish, Modern Design

  • Durable Construction

  • Clean & Clear Sound Signature

  • Carrying Pouch

  • Light-Weight

  • Speed Cinch

  • IPX7 Waterproof

  • Quick Charging

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • A Range of Colours 



  • No Magnetic Earbuds

  • Short Battery Life


The Bottom Line

The Jaybird Tarah is certainly a contender if you are looking for a fantastic wireless sports in-ear headphone to replace your current wired ones. For its price tag, you are getting a lot; great sound customisation, full waterproofing and a range of colours to express yourself.



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