Design & Construction

The ever-popular Jabra Elite Active 75t is here to the succeed the Jabra Elite Active 65t. The Jabra Elite Active 75t now streamlines the design of the previous Active 65t with a smaller build and improved features. In fact, I was surprised at how small the case is when I first unbox the Elite Active 75t. It is as small and compact as the Apple Airpods Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds+, and Jaybird Vista. Like all true wireless earbuds, they do dock in fairly easily and will not fall out when the case is flipped since there are magnets inside to keep them secure. The case and the earbuds of the Elite Active 75t have an additional matte coating that makes it a slight bit nicer to the touch when compared to the Elite 75t. There is a USB-C port at the back of the case and a LED indicator to notify you of the case charge when closed. As for the earbuds, they are now much smaller than the previous Elite Active 65t. Instead of touchpads, Jabra went with trusty old school buttons that work really well without actually jamming the earbuds into your ears when you press them. Now for the controls, a single press on the right earbud will play/pause your music, while holding it down will increase the volume. Moving to the left earbud, a single press will not trigger any controls, instead it starts with a double press to skip forward to the next song and a triple press to skip backward. Meanwhile, holding it down will decrease the volume. For calls, there is yet another set of controls, let's start with the right earbud again. A single press will pick up the call and a double press will end the call. On the left earbud, a single press will mute/unmute the microphone. If you need to pair a second device, you can hold down both earbuds for 1 second to enable Bluetooth pairing. It takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes to charge both the case from a dead battery. However, if you are in a rush, there is always quick charge which will allow for 1 hour of playback with a 15 minutes charge. Both earbuds bear the Jabra logo and have subtle LED indicators that will only light up when necessary such as in situations like docking or pairing them. In normal usage of music playback or calls, they never light up to attract unwanted attention. In the box, there are extra sizes of silicone ear tips to ensure a tight seal and secure fit. Even though the Elite 75t isn't a sports earbud, it boasts an IP57 dust and water resistance for those intense workouts or rainy days, giving users the ultimate peace of mind. The earbuds also do a great job at resisting fingerprints smudges with a matte finish. 

Sound Quality

Loud, bass-focused, and powerful is how I would describe the sound of the Jabra Elite Active 75t. The 6mm drivers on the Jabra Elite Active 75t produced a bass-boosted sound signature out-of-the-box. So let's start off with the bass response. In short, it is deep, punchy, and tight. It never managed to distort at loud volume but it surely bleeds into the mids when it is at a low volume level. It hits doesn't hit as deep as the Jaybird Vistas but it definitely is stronger than the Powerbeats Pro. The highs sound decently bright and filled with plenty of details. The mids do sound very crisp but certain sound tuning is needed unless you are a bass head. The soundstage isn't as wide as other earbuds that are of a higher price point. The instrument separation is excellent and distinct left and right channels could be heard. If you are not so much of an EDM or Hip-Hop fan, I am glad to report that the Elite Active 75t works perfectly with all other genres ranging from Pop to Jazz after you fiddle with the customizable sound settings in the Jabra Sound+ App available for download from the App & Play Store. In the app, you will first see Moments icons which allow you to quickly change the earbuds settings from one mode to another without the hassle of resetting everything every single time. Presets built-in include My Moment, Commute, and Focus, but you can always customize and add your very own. Next, you will see the HearThrough+ which allows you to hear your ambient surrounding sound so you can always hear the next train announcement or traffic noise to stay safe. There is a slider that allows the control of how much noise to let in and you can also choose to mute the audio or continue playing music with HearThrough+ on. If you prefer the faster way of removing one earbud to hear someone, the earbuds will automatically pause your music, and that you may turn off if you don't want it enabled. Next, you will find the Sound Equaliser which you can choose to customize your very own or choose from the presets. There are presets like neutral, Speech, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Smooth, and Energise. Different presets do work well with different music genres and I personally do not have a favorite. Just below the Sound Equaliser, there are Soundscapes. Basically, what these white noises do is to help mask sounds for you to focus. And I have to say, it is pretty cool. They help you focus and concentrate on tasks when you get a little tired from listening to music. There is an entire list of sounds to choose from and my personal favorite has got to be cavern. Lastly, at the bottom, you can edit the position of your widgets to remove or re-arrange your most-used settings. Moving on, you can also update the earbuds firmware, change your voice assistant, register your earbuds or change the language of the voice guidance. If you ever lose your earbuds, you can always use the Find My Jabra feature to trace it back. In other settings, you can also see your earbuds technical information or contact support straight from the app itself. Jabra has officially created a pretty comprehensive app and I like it. Lastly, not to forget about the most wow-ed feature of Jabra products, the call quality. In calls, the Elite Active 75t uses 4 microphones to capture your voice and isolate the surrounding sounds. And the fact is yes, the call quality is up to par to the Apple Airpods Pro which is the widely acclaimed champion of call quality experience. In the settings, you can enable the earbuds to play a mute reminder tone to notify you in case you accidentally muted the microphone. Also, you can enable SideTone which basically feeds the earbuds with your own voice when you talk to another party over the call and you may change that volume individually as well. Lastly, there is the call equalizer which is kind of overkill when you think about it. There are 3 presets of Default, More Treble, or More Bass. When not in use, users can change the amount of time before the earbuds enter sleep mode as well as change whether they would prefer voice or sound guidance. Now, Jabra is really taking user experience to the next level with a plethora of features in its app.

Connectivity & Portability

The earbuds support the basic AAC and SBC codecs together with Bluetooth Version 5.0. The earbuds also automatically power on/off when docked and taken out from the case. The battery life peaks at 7.5 hours per use and a total of 28 hours. The package also comes with a USB-C cable for charging. The earbuds allow for one-sided listening with only the right earbud solely due to its use of a master and slave connection which was a bummer. The headphones' connectivity to the app is perfect as it is able to detect my headphones when its already connected via Bluetooth all the time. If you try to watch videos or movies with these, they do not have any latency in audio transmission.


  • Durable Construction

  • Ergonomic Fit

  • Customizable Sound Settings

  • Customizable Call Quality Settings

  • HearThrough+

  • SideTone

  • Physical Button Controls For Music Play & Calls

  • In-App Equalizer

  • Find My Jabra Tracking

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Quick Charge

  • Long Battery Life

  • Low Profile

  • IP57 Dust & Waterproof 

  • Dual Device Pairing

  • USC-C Charging


  • No AptX Codec Support

  • No Active Noise-Cancellation 

  • Short Bluetooth Range

  • No Wireless Charging


The Bottom Line

All in all, the Jabra Elite Active 75t has a lot to offer on in terms of features and functions. The top features why it is so sought-after in a saturated market of true wireless earbuds has got to be its sound quality, call quality as well as overall user experience. It is indeed a seamless and hassle-free experience that Jabra has nailed after going through thorough feedback from users of its previous generation of earbuds. The Jabra Elite Active 75t is definitely the way to go if you need a straightforward and complete package with an attractive price tag to match.



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