Design & Construction

Elgato is one of the first or still the pioneer of the creation of smart streaming lights for streamers and content creators alike. The Key Light Air is the compact sibling of the original Key Light and it seems to be a better option who prefer to move your light sources around or even bring it on the go. The Key Light Air features this squared-off edge-lit LED lighting architecture that connects to a ball head mount and joins together to the free-standing base. The precision telescopic pole is height-adjustable up to a maximum of 89cm. A notable feature of the stand is the capability to hide the cable the runs from the lamp to the end of the base which keeps the cable management clean and tidy. Setting up the base is a quick and easy task that could be done in seconds, I would not even mind if I were to travel with the Key Light Air.

Lighting Performance & Quality

Moving on to lighting performance, the Key Light Air features outputs up to 1400 lumens with its 80 OSRAM LEDs. The colour ranges from 2900 - 7000K. Out of the box. the light needs to connect to Wi-Fi and you will need to use the Elgato Control Center App, available on Mac, Windows, IOS and Android. The set-up process is seamless and would work well across the platform. In the app, you may control the light temperature and brightness individually. You can also sync it with any of the Elgato Stream Decks to create presets for instant changes. It simply works flawlessly and syncs up quickly with no lag at all. However, there is no alternative way of controlling the Key Light Air either physically as a dial on the product itself or Bluetooth. However, the Wi-Fi connection is really stable and never failed once so I didn't find it to be a problem. Still, I think a physical dial to change the settings and brightness is always welcome to quicken the light changing process. There is also no option to link your Key Light Air to your preferred smart home app of Apple Homekit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa for voice control. 

Connectivity & Portability

In terms of connectivity, the Key Light Air only works over Wi-Fi and requires power from the power brick supplied in the package. You can also opt to buy other types of bases other than the free-standing one included to fit your set-up.


  • Compact Size

  • Modern & Minimalistic Design

  • Multiple Lighting Options

  • Telescopic Ballhead Adjustments

  • Adjustable Height & Measurement Indicators

  • Stream Deck & Elgato Ecosystem Sync 

  • Customisable Brightness & Colour Change



  • No Physical Dial Controls

  • No Bluetooth Control

  • Huge Power Brick Size

  • Not Google Home, Amazon Alexa & Apple Homekit Compatible


The Bottom Line

Overall, the Key Light Air is a compact and smart light for any gamers or content creator. The Key Light Air works well with the rest of the Elgato ecosystem, making it useful as both a video creation tool and streaming light.



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