Design & User Interface

The Dyson Pure Cool Me is the first personal purifier fan from the Pure Cool series. Featuring a different technology from its other larger siblings, the Pure Cool Me has a dome top and cylindrical base where the filter and core flow technology are housed in. On the front, we first see the remote control magnetically attached to the body. A little diagram shows you how to properly secure the remote, At the rear, you will find the power button as well as the connection slot for the removable plug. On the bottom front, there is a well-lit LCD display that displays all relevant information like fan speeds, timers, filter life and oscillations modes. There are instructions to show how to properly replace the filter as well as how clean the filter is before it needs replacement. The LCD screen is beautifully enhanced with modern icons and interface. Something notable about the display is the fact that it shut off when it detects that the room is fully dark. This helps to minimise distractions to the user when they are using it near their bed. The simple and straightforward interface makes for a delightful experience while making the system futuristic. Oscillation of the dome has a 70 degrees range and there are multiple timer options from 30 minutes to 8 hours. All these functions are controlled by the remote. On the remote, you will find the power button, information button, fan speeds, oscillations and timer buttons, With the remote control, the fan can be controlled from afar without the need to walk to the device to change settings. The remote control uses a CR2032 battery and is durable enough to survive daily use since I often accidentally bumped into it and drop it from waist height. The design language flows really well with a two-toned colour scheme on the gunmetal and copper colour model. However, a few things that I would like to see done better could have been making the wall plug smaller so it could fit into tighter socket areas. Currently, it is really huge and obtrusive to fit into small spaces. It also proves to be an eyesore especially in well-designed interiors where sockets are either well hidden or blends into the rest of the home. Also, the noise level at level 10 was a little higher than I would have liked. It can be distracting especially used at the night on the bedside table, knowing the fact that this is a personal fan that will be of close proximity to the user.

Air Quality & Filters Replacements

The Pure Cool Me utilises Core Flow Technology to harness the airflow, After which, jets of air travel across the dome at high velocity to converge and steer around the high-pressure core before coalescing to project a focused stream of purified air for those with allergies. The fan output range from 20cm at its nearest and 150cm at its maximum reach. The filter combines an activated carbon and glass HEPA layer to capture gases and 99.95% of ultrafine particles from the air. The filter lasts around 12 months, based on 12 hours use a day. On replacement of the filters, the process is really simple and clean. Simply press the two buttons on the dome and pull it out. Then using the flap to pull out the old filter and dump it before doing the same with the new filter. A process that can be done so in a minute. No mess and free from sneezes so that even those with allergies can do so.


  • Futuristic Design

  • Superior Clean Air 

  • Easy Filter Changes

  • Battery-free Remote

  • Beautiful LED Display

  • Simple & Straightforward Interface 


  • No Digital Control For Convex Dome

  • Loud Sound Levels

  • Plug is Bulky and Huge for Tight Sockets

  • Loud Sound Levels at Maximum Fan Speeds

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Dyson Pure Cool Me is an easy to use personal fan that cools with clean air. Its design complements any modern home interior. One feature that I would like to see being added to the next iteration of it is the control of the convex dome digitally via the remote just like how the oscillation functions.



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