Design & Construction

The DJI OSMO MOBILE 2 is the next iteration to DJI's Osmo Series Smartphone Stabilisers. The Gimbal is coated with a matte grey finish and has a textured grip all around. On the front is where you will find all the controls (From Top-Bottom): the joystick, the battery indicator, the record button and the multi-function button. The multi-function button acts as a power button as well as a Mode Switch button, Pressing for 1.5 seconds will turn on the Osmo Mobile 2 and put it in Bluetooth Pairing Mode. The battery indicator has 3 LEDs and a Mode indicator. At the right sode, you will find the Micro-USB port for charging the device and I am glad to report that the gimbal has a total battery life of 15 hours. At the bottom. there is the standard 1/4 – 20 UNC thread mounting hole for you to attach the Osmo Mobile 2 Base, Osmo Tripod, and other third-party accessories. At the rear, there is a USB-Out port which acts a powerbank should you need a power after long hours of filming. On the top, the smartphone holder is your usual clamp with rubber pads to keep it firmly attached. Users are advised to balance their smartphones first before use so as to reduce the burden of the gimbal compensating for unbalance and resulting in shorten battery life. The smartphone holder can be positioned horizontally or vertically based on your needs. As simple as unscrewing the back silver screw will enable you to do all adjustments you needs quickly. From my intensive test outdoors in summer weather, the Osmo Mobile 2 did heat up pretty quickly in direct sunlight but the motors only stopped working after forcing it to do a constant tough job of compensating for violent shakes.

Software Experience 

On the software side, DJI really unveiled the full potential of its stabiliser. Inside the app, you will find a suite of features to play with and create content you desire. After installing the app for the first time, you will be required to create a DJI account first and then be able to register its warranty before jumping into the Bluetooth connectivity page. When connection is established, the camera launches for you and there will be a tutorial to guide you through its features. Some of the in-app video features include Timelapse, Motion-lapse and Motion Hyper-lapse. Timelapse is a feature where you put down the gimbal on a stable ground and film the scene that you want without touching the gimbal. Motion-lapse is when you film a moving trail while walking and then quicken the footage for cinematic videos. Motion Hyper-lapse is where you lock in your first filming scene and then move to the next until your end postion and not move the gimbal until its done. ActiveTrack is another feature that enables a single individual to film him with staying in frame. There are also photo modes like 180° or 360° Panoramas, Long Exposures and Light-Trails. Long-exposure and Light-trails allows you to capture moving light without the hassle of an inter-changable lens camera. Other features include Beautify Mode which obviously corrects blemishes on your face during vlogs but I would suggest against it due to the fact that your video resolution limiting to only 720p. In all cases, always check that the app captures footage in 1080p as some users have experience this common issue of the standard recording start in 720p. 

Connectivity & Portability

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 operates via constant Bluetooth connection with your phone. There is a black styrofoam case included in the package which users can use to store the gimbal in their backpack. As mentioned above, the battery life peaks at 15 hours and the weight of the stabiliser is 485g not including your phone's weight.


  • Ergonomic Handgrip

  • Joystick Control

  • Long Battery Life

  • Easy Hardware controls

  • Great UI layout Software

  • Top-notch Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Backup Powerbank

  • Hard Carry Case


  • No fast charging

  • Doesn't charge via USB Type-C

  • Single Colour Available 

The Bottom Line

The DJI OSMO MOBILE 2 is the best accessory you can add to your smartphone. Whether you are an social media influencer or just a video enthusiast, the Osmo Mobile offers the best of both worlds and opens up your creativity videography and photography. With its long battery life and dead simple hardware and software, it is something for everyone of all ages to be able to easily grasp the concept of it. however, only one colour is available.



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