Design & Construction

The Creative Super X-Fi Amp is Creative's breakthrough amplifier made for those who want great sound on-the-go. It weighs 15g and has a size as small as a finger. On the front, it has all the button controls and bears the Super X-Fi logo. The controls are (Top to Bottom) the S-XFI power on button, Vol +, Multi-function button and Vol - button. On the top, you will find the 3.5mm input to connect the headphones and underside the USB Type-C port to connect the music source device,

Sound Quality

As mentioned earlier, this little ampliifer is Creative's breakthrough in portable audio. Using the SXFI App available for download via the App & Play Store, the app takes 3 photos of your facial features. One for the left ear, one for the front of the face and the last for the right ear. This technology then translates this data to cater the personalised sound profile for your immerse listening experience. Sound quality using the included Aurvana SE headphones, the highs, mids and bass all performed excellent and blew my mind. Bass is strong and pronounced while keeping it tight and not bleed into the mids. The mids are pure and clear in detail. Lastly, highs are bright and forward but never ear-piercing or too bright sounding. The soundstage is excellent; distinguishing stereo, 5.1 or 7,1 channels were easy and sound could be heard in all directions very clearly. The instrument separation was also well laid out.

Connectivity & Portability

The Super X-Fi Amp connects via a short USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable with your phone USB Type-C port and the other 3.5mm port connects to your headphone. Currently, there is no wireless option for the Super X-Fi Amp. Using the SXFI App, you may set multiple profiles and select or change the headphones you are currently using. 


  • Durable Contruction

  • Captivating Sound Signature

  • Compact & Light-weight

  • Easy to use Playback Controls

  • App Support & Control

  • AI Intelligence & Customisation


  • No Wireless Option

  • Only A Single Colour Available


The Bottom Line

The Creative Super X-FI Amp is a fantastic portable amplifier to add to your listening experience. For its proce, you are getting sound that crazy expensive studio monitors or reference headphones quality. It is definitely a fantastic choice for those who want to step up their audio game without an overhaul of all their wired in-ear headphones, headphones or speakers.



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