Design & Construction

The Creative Aurvana Trio is Creative's newest addition to its Aurvana audiophile Series of audio products. This time, Creative stepped up their game by bringing not one or two but three drivers. But the question remains, can outlast its competitors in this saturated audio industry? The Aurvana Trio earbuds are rounded and has a detachable cable. I do find that the earbuds themselves to be  rather huge but that is to be expected with some quality components in it. A few sizes of silicone buds are included in the packages together with a pair of foam tips for the best fit. Overall, pretty durable with the MMCX cable that is twisted. However, when stored, the cable still tangles up and cause a lot of frustrations when I'm on-the-go.

Sound Quality

As with any triple driver in-ears, the sound signature is significantly clearer and purer in details. Instead of a single driver doing everything, there is now one job for one driver. The Balanced armature tweeter delivers the highs, the balanced armature driver outputs the mids and bio-cellulose dynamic woofer delivers the lows. The highs sound sparking and rich, while mids are forward and have clarity. the lows hit deep and leaves a rumble in your ear drums. Simply satisfying! Even then, the bass never sounds muddy and highs never sound ear-piercing. Soundstage is pretty decent and left and right channels can be easily distinguished. The instrument separation is also fantastic in my opinion.


Connectivity & Portability

The Aurvana Trio connects via a detachable MMCX cable which connects to a standard 3.5mm audio jack. The cable itself has a one button remote to allow for music playback controls and call taking. Regarding the connection itself, since the cable is detachable, the audio may sudden stop or skip occasionally when used during commutes. It may annoy some users who move about quickly but the problem shoudn't persist if you are opting for usage in an office or home setting. Creative is also nic enough to throw in an airplane adaptor for flight use and a hardshell carrying case which helps to protect it from unwanted drops or scratches.



  • Modern, Iconic Design

  • Premium Audio Components

  • Clean Sound Signature

  • Hardshell Carrying Case

  • Airplane Adaptor


  • Unstable MMCX Cable Connection 

  • Only One Colour Available

The Bottom Line

The Creative Aurvana Trio is audiophile-worthy in-ear headphone. For its price, you get premium audio components and accesories. It definitely helps average consumers step up their audio game without breaking the bank.



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