Design & Construction

The Creative Airwave is a beefy portable speaker that offers great sound and also works as a speakerphone. The top houses all buttons: In Order (Left - Right): Vol -, and Vol + button and a multi-function button. It also have a LED which shows that it is running. There is also NFC for easy pairing on the back of the speaker. The speaker does feels heavy and difficult to hold. At the back, it has a aux-in port and Micro USB port for charging.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is fantastic. At 75% volume, it can fill a small room. The bass response is low but non-bass heads would not mind. Highs sound bright and mids do very well. It does not distort even at full volume. However, it does not form a 2.1 channel well which is very typical of portables. It has two drivers to deliver the highs and mids and 1 passive radiator to deliver the bass. Based on user experience, sound quality remain consistently good even when it is low on battery, it is a great feature that most audio companies cannot do.

Connectivity & Portability

Offering Bluetooth Ver 3.0 and NFC, it pairs up quickly with your phones. It also offers an Aux-In port for wired usage. Its battery life peaks at 12 hrs and battery status can be checked through voice prompts by double tapping the multi-function button. A red LED on the top of the speaker will show if it is low on battery.


  • Durable Construction

  • Great Sound

  • Bluetooth & NFC Enabled

  • Modern Unique Design

  • 2 Way Usage (Bluetooth & Audio In)

  • A Range Of Colours

  • Baffle tilt for More Directed Sound

  • Battery Status Prompts When Double-tap


  • Not Splash or Waterproof

  • Heavy & Bulky

  • Low Bass Response

The Bottom Line

The Creative Airwave is the good choice of portable speaker if you do not want to spend too much money. Housing a 12 hrs battery, Bluetooth & NFC, modern design and clear sound. It is one speaker that is worth buying.  A range of colours also suit every type and gender of users.



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