Design & Construction

Beoplay have been known to sell its headphones and speakers at high prices, however we have some good news. Beoplay came out with the entry-level model, the Beoplay H4 headphone. The right earcup has the (From Back-Front): Vol+ button, Multi-function Button, Vol - button, LED indicator, Micro-USB port and 3.5 mm input, while the left earcup has no ports or controls. A short press on the Multi-function button turns on the headphone and holding both volume buttons puts the headphone in pairing mode. To turn off the headphones, hold the multi-function button for 5 seconds. After connecting with the Bluetooth source, press the multi0function button once to play/pause, double press to skip forward and triple press to skip backwards. To bring up Google Assistant/Siri, hold down the Multi-function button. Pairing via Bluetooth should be simple and quick with both Apple and Android devices. The headphones has thick and soft earpads which encases your ears. This means that you will not feel wearing fatigue even after long hours of continually usage. The clamping force is just right and does not cause any serious discomfort to users. Both side of the headphones bears the 'B&O' logo on the anodised aluminium earcups  which resists fingerprint smudges very well. The headphone is also very light-weight at 236g. Under the headband, there is a lambskin leather headrest which provides a good amount of comfort. The earcups pivot in all directions and folds flat for storing. Potential buyers should also note that there are textile braided wires sticking from the sides of the headphones, 

Sound Quality

The headphone gives us a surprise when compared to higher range Beoplay headphones. The H4 focused on a excited yet enjoyable sound setting that is good for genres like EDM, R&B, Rap & Pop. The headphone drivers provide a very immersive experience with a emphasis of bass and treble detail. The mid-range is balanced and warm in my opinion. Users may download the compatible Beoplay App on the App Store and Play Store to tune the sound experience. ToneTouch customisation allows users to choose from 4 catergories of Warm, Excited, Relaxed or Bright. Alternately, you may choose from presets like Commute, Clear, Workout or Podcast. Based on user experience, the noise isolation is top-notch, I could not hear much of my surrounding even when I had no music on and when I am using it at a low volume level. Call quality was fantastic, the caller manage hear me clearly on the other end.

Connectivity & Portability

The headphone operates both passively and wirelessly. The mic and playback controls do not worked in wired mode since the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable doesn't have a inline mic. and users can charge the headphone and use it at the same time. Listening via the Micro-USB cable is not available. The battery life peaks at 19 hours in wireless mode. The H4 does not feature quick charging, Bluetooth Ver 4.2 and AAC Codec is supported, however the headphone does not feature NFC. Sadly, the package does not come with a carrying pouch to protect the headphones from drops and scratches.


  • Durable Construction

  • Premium Materials Used

  • Enjoyable Sound Signature

  • Long Battery Life

  • Controls For Music Playback & Calls

  • Folds Flat For Storage

  • Good Call Quality

  • Passive Operation

  • A Range Of Colours


  • No Carrying Pouch

  • Lack Of Voice Prompts

  • No NFC

The Bottom Line

The Beoplay H4 may still be on the upper-end of the price range if you source for similar headphones in the market, however factors like a premium build, an energetic sound signature and ease of use makes the H4 a worthy choice. It is highly recommended for daily commutes. A range of colours is available to fit users of different gender.



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