Design & Construction

The Beats X, a portable wireless around-the-neck in-ear headphones, is the new addition to Beats beautifully crafted line-up of headphones. Apple, together with Beats  certainly fixed their eyes on consumers that crave to enter the wireless future in style. The Beats X has a flexible neckband, which they call the flex-form cable, capable of bending at any angle without breaking. There is one battery on each side where the left has the Beats logo printed. The left is where the lightning port lies underside the internal battery while the right, has the power button also on the underside. I tested the RemoteTalk cable and it proves to work with both Android and Apple devices. There are also different size of earbuds and wingtips for one to find the best fit. Personally, I felt more comfortable using the Beats X with the wingtips since it provides a more perfect fit. Having a range of colours, Beats is also giving consumers of the mass population a chance to express themselves. The Beats X feels durable due of its super-flexible flex-form cable and flat tangle-free cable for connecting the neckband to its earbuds. The earbuds themselves stay nice and neat on your body when you are not using them, thanks to the magnetic end of the earbuds to help keep them in one place.

Sound Quality

As a Beats product, some consumers have a stereotype that it will be bass boosted but its a new story for the Beats X. The sound signature sounds like a combination between Apple and Beats, the highs and mids are very bright and the lows hit relatively deep. I was also caught off-guard by its refreshing sound signature. The bass port underside each in-ear helps enhance the quality of the bass, making it tight and balanced.

Connectivity & Portability

It connects via Class 1 Bluetooth and is supposed to be used with Apple devices to maximize the usefulness of its W1 Chip to pair instantly but even with a Android phone or Windows laptop, the audio experience is just as great. It comes with a carry pouch which helps to protect it from unwanted drops or scratches, however it will be better if Beats had gone with a zip-up case to better protect the Beats X from falling out. Its battery life rates at a maximum of 8 hours and offers the benefit of a 5 minute charge for 2 hours playback. From my test here, I could easily charge up the Beats X fully in 45 minutes. The 5 minute charge is also true as I get the almost 2 hours of playback while trying this feature.  The Beats X is also a little different from the rest of the Beats line-up as it require the lightning cable to charge it up.



  • Stylish, Modern Design

  • A Range Of Colours

  • Premium Audio Components

  • Bright Sound Signature

  • Carry Pouch

  • Fast Charge

  • Wing-Tips for Secured Fit

  • Magnetic Earbuds

  • Flexible Neckband

  • Apple's W1 Chip For Fast Pairing



  • Not Water-Resistant

  • Exposed Lightning Charging Port

  • LED Indicator Underside Of Battery

  • Carrying Pouch Could Have a Zip For Secured Storage

The Bottom Line

The Beats X is a wireless yet flexible in-ear headphone that is worth buying. For its price tag, you are getting premium and balanced sound quality. The audio components used are of top quality and having a range of colours which allows you to express yourself. It is undeniably the one of the best around-the-neck in-ear headphones that you can buy.



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