Design & Construction

The Beats EP is Beats' answer to anyone who wants a simple headphone to enjoy their music whenever they go. It focuses on style and audio quality allowing users to enjoy the best of both worlds. The Beats EP has a stainless steel band holding the headphone together with a thin rubbery head cushion at the top to ensure that it stays comfortable. The headphone as a whole, is coated with a matte surface and feel to it, also making it less of a fingerprint magnet. Beats is also trying their hand at targeting consumers of the mass population with the wide range of colours. The Beats EP feels durable and do not creak when stretched, however the wire feels weak and might break if accidents happen.

Sound Quality

The Beats EP produces a very Beats-like sound signature - Balanced mids, easy-on-the-ear highs and a hint of bass boost. However, the sound signature lacks an open soundstage. This is not very typical of many headphones of this price range, however I feel that Beats has trade that off for louder capabilities of the drivers (Volume) which is worthwhile. 


Connectivity & Portability

It connects via a 3.5mm audio jack and is supposed to be used with Apple phones for full functionality of the RemoteTalk cable. Android users can rest assure as the the mic and multi-function button are still functional. It does not fold flat for easy stowing but comes with a soft fabric carry bag which helps to protect it from unwanted scratches.



  • Stylish, Modern Design

  • A Range Of Colours

  • Balanced Sound Signature

  • Great Noise Isolation

  • Carry Bag



  • Not collapsible for easy storage

  • Lack of soundstage

  • Unremovable wire (From Headphone) 


The Bottom Line

The Beats EP is a portable in-ear headphone that is worth buying. The sound quality is quite impressive if you don't mind a little lack of soundstage. It has a range of colours that will allow you to express yourself. Wearing it during your daily commute will certainly stand out from the crowd.



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